Shirin Farhad Once More

Being retold by countless Sufi poets and writers the influence of the legend of Farhad is not limited to literature, but permeates the whole of Persian culture, including folklore and the fine arts.


I got the travel bug when I was quite young. My parents took me and my sister out of school and we traveled all over the world. It was an eye-opening experience and, although I love Pakistan, I also enjoy visiting new countries. I don't get homesick. I just see too many people retire and... Continue Reading →

ایک تھی چڑیا ایک تھا چڑا

ايک تھی چڑيا، ايک تھا چڑا، چڑيا لائی دال کا دانا، چڑا لايا چاول کا دانا، اس سے کچھڑی پکائی، دونوں نے پيٹ بھر کر کھائی، آپس ميں اتفاق ہو تو ايک ايک دانے کی کچھڑی بھی بہت ہوتی ہے۔ چڑا بيٹھا اونگھ رہا تھا کہ اس کے دل ميں وسوسہ آيا کہ چاول کا... Continue Reading →

United We Stand … Divided We Fall!

As per what I was taught in my school the name of my beloved country “Pakistan” is an acronym for Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Indus and Tan representing Baluchistan. I absolutely thought that the word Pakistan was first coined in a pamphlet famously known as Pakistan Declaration written and published by Chaudhary Rahmat Ali, in which... Continue Reading →

Divorce between a Queen and a Pauper

The United Kingdom has ceremoniously served divorce papers on the European Union, gesticulating the beginning of the end of a marriage that has underwent for 44 years. Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, deep-rooted that London had triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, beginning a legal process that must end in two years’ time with the old... Continue Reading →

Buckle up Karachi!

It is time to face the truth and that is that Pakistan is a country where the majority of people lack proper mentoring and experience as drivers or at least they pretend to lack them. With roads that are far from perfect, road rage a widespread feature, and speeding as well as overtaking at inappropriate and... Continue Reading →

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