Mystical Pakistan

Pakistan may be not much think-able for many travellers due to the severe image created by local and international media, but there is a lot of interest to Visit Pakistan. Pakistan is the real India where everything began, the Indus civilisation, the scripts of Ragveda, The Buddhism and the language Sanskrit were all started here.... Continue Reading →

ایک تھی چڑیا ایک تھا چڑا

ايک تھی چڑيا، ايک تھا چڑا، چڑيا لائی دال کا دانا، چڑا لايا چاول کا دانا، اس سے کچھڑی پکائی، دونوں نے پيٹ بھر کر کھائی، آپس ميں اتفاق ہو تو ايک ايک دانے کی کچھڑی بھی بہت ہوتی ہے۔ چڑا بيٹھا اونگھ رہا تھا کہ اس کے دل ميں وسوسہ آيا کہ چاول کا... Continue Reading →

United We Stand … Divided We Fall!

As per what I was taught in my school the name of my beloved country “Pakistan” is an acronym for Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Indus and Tan representing Baluchistan. I absolutely thought that the word Pakistan was first coined in a pamphlet famously known as Pakistan Declaration written and published by Chaudhary Rahmat Ali, in which... Continue Reading →

Vindictive Zeus

Being fascinated by Greek and Hindu mythology since my toddler days, I am often found reading a myth and even that day I was reading an interesting story and according to this Greek legend, when men were created, the great god Zeus gave each one a gift of two bags, one bag was full of... Continue Reading →

Welcome To My Hobnob Lounge

Here I am with my all new blog, something that I may term as a socializing coffee partner. At times I used to think that what may be my mission in life? For sure it is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and... Continue Reading →

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