The Pageant Trap

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Title:The Pageant Trap

Author:Usman Aman


Rating:3.5/5 ♦️♦️♦️.5

I received this book as a gift after reading and reviewing the e-book, Rohingya-The Newage Exodus, the author’s second book. Checkout the review for Rohingya on Goodreads.
The Pageant Trap is Usman Aman’s first book. I was glad to receive it. I enjoyed reading Rohingya so this was a welcome addition to my bookshelf. I was intrigued by this one because it deals with human trafficking and how easily unsuspecting foreigners fall prey to it.

The story is about Ryan Abdullah and an international beauty pageant, titled ‘The TransWorld Pageant’, organized by him and the events which follow.

Ryan has managed to gather participants from over forty countries across the world. He is all set to put his plans regarding the international contest into action. However, he seems to be facing difficulties with deciding a suitable venue for his big event.

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