The Chase Begins With A Farewell

Bidding Farewell

It is hard to say goodbye to a project which has been less of a work and more of a life. I will miss you all and I am sad that the joyride of working with you all has to come to an end. I bid you all good-bye.” Said Usman Aman the off going director of the movie Taaqub – The Chase Begin, during a farewell organized by the movie’s new director Talha Ghouri at his famous photography school, the event was attended by the cast and crew of the movie.


Actress Komal Khan with Director Talha Ghouri and Assistant Director Ali Balushi

Taaqub was launched in August 2016 as a chase and run thriller adventure, assembling a stellar cast of Manhunt Pakistan 2013 and renowned actor Zeeshan Ali Shah, Miss Pakistan 2014 Laila Khan, model turned actor Muhammad Usman, and theatre personalities like Mansoor and Khurram Khan and is being produced by Aali Ahmed, Talha Ghouri and Ali Asghar under the AAT banner was supposed to be directed by Usman Aman, however, due to his personal reasons, he had to say adieus to the project even before the shooting had started.


Final Words To Adieu

Talha Ghori an ace photographer and owner at Talha Ghouri Photography Institute would now be helming the project as the new director. “The cold meeting room walls will now feel colder without the warmth of a helpful and considerate colleague like you. Having you as a partner at work was one of the best experiences in my life. I wish you with a heavy heart, Farewell, and hope I will be able to live up to the expectations that you had imagined and virtually filmed this movie as in your imaginations.” He said while send-off to Usman Aman. Aali Ahmed as the producer also added while culminating the event “To our dearest colleague… you decided to move for personal reasons, but your departure will leave our grounds barren and dry. Farewell, to the man whose word we trusted more than operating procedures, checklists and paperwork. Your knowledge and experience was always beyond par. Wish you the very best always my friend.

Producer Aali Ahmed with Actor Mansoor Vohra


Taaqub is expected to hit the cinema screens by Eid ul Fitar 2018, and promises a story with twists and turns that would leave its audiences glued to their seats.



The Leading Trio: Laila Khan – Zeeshan Shah Zaidi – Usman Khan

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