United We Stand … Divided We Fall!

The Colors of Pakistan

As per what I was taught in my school the name of my beloved country “Pakistan” is an

Minaar e Pakistan… Significance and Unionism

acronym for Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Indus and Tan representing Baluchistan. I absolutely thought that the word Pakistan was first coined in a pamphlet famously known as Pakistan Declaration written and published by Chaudhary Rahmat Ali, in which the word Pakstan without the alphabet ‘I’ and was used for the first time and was presented in the Round Table conferences in 1933. But the people of subcontinent were quite familiar with the word Pakistan much before Pakistan Movement because of Karakul Caps (later knows as Jinnah Cap), these famous caps were imported from Karakalpakistan a central Asian state covers the classical land of Khwarezm. I absolutely not barge into claiming at all that founding fathers of our nation actually borrowed this name of Pakistan from a central Asian state but no harm in getting a little sceptical specially when, I did googled Uzbekistan and found Karakalpakstan has existed since 16th century and still here on map with the name of Republic of Karakalpakstan neighbouring Uzbekistan.


Paradise on Earth Gilgit – Baltistan
People of Gilgit – Baltistan As Patriotic As The Rest of Pakistan

Well, this is just my version of the story of the name of Pakistan, but definitely Pakistan is just not, Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Indus or Baluchistan. It certainly has a lot more of sacrifices and blood of many other regions as well. But at times we have failed to even recognize those brothers without whom, the dream of an independent state would had not flourished fruitfully as it has today. Gilgit – Baltistan is a disputed region with an ambivalent constitutional status. Fortunately, in 2014 the Chinese government pledged US $ 46 billion towards various projects aimed at catalyzing infrastructural development in Pakistan. It was perceived that this project will develop all areas of Pakistan uniformly but the reality is quite the opposite. The name of this region is seldom mentioned in the statements of government functionaries regarding CPEC. The only economic zone proposed for Gilgit – Baltistan was upgrading of Karakoram Highway and eight other projects but all are confined to paper works. The governor of Gilgit spoke sporadically, about injustices but the federal government has turned blind eye to this region. A few months ago, the new projects were proposed for Balochistan and Sindh but not a single for Gilgit.


GB – Land of Fairies & Music
Shandoor Polo Tournament

It is alarming that the division of Gilgit along with other areas excluded from the benefits of this project. The people of Gilgit joined Pakistan to become Pakistani and enjoy equal rights and privileges of Pakistan with equal representation in the Parliament but still there is no constitutional status. The federal government should redress the grievances of its natives. If this project generated controversies and sense of neglect, it would surely cause collapse of this golden opportunity for Pakistan.

Skardu – Where Nature Nestles…

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