Buckle up Karachi!

It is time to face the truth and that is that Pakistan is a country where the majority of people lack proper mentoring and experience as drivers or at least they pretend to lack them. With roads that are far from perfect, road rage a widespread feature, and speeding as well as overtaking at inappropriate and unnecessary instances extremely common, every sane man would take extra precautions. With one person being killed somewhere on the globe after every 25 seconds, the need for preventive measures is inevitable. Sure, you cannot stop the out of control driver from overtaking and speeding on a one lane road but damage prevention is still, and will always be, in your own hands, i.e. the seat-belt.

Seat belts keep the driver and passengers from banging into each other, a cause of serious injury in some accidents. Airbags are less effective and may be useless if you’re not wearing a seat belt; you can still be thrown from your car and bang against its parts and passengers. Also, your body may not remain in a position that benefits from the protection of an airbag if you’re not buckled into your seat.

It is true that in certain cases the fact that your entire body has been restricted by the seat belt and a crash can make your neck jerk forward with such an impact that it may cause neck abrasions and perhaps even fractures. Still, it is better than being thrown out of the windshield. Seat belts remain the number one vehicle safety device, despite new technologies and protection measures taken.


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